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Pool Towels in Margao Goa from Rekhas House of Cotton, Shop from them and get best discounts

You know your outdoor pool areas will soon be crowded with sunny guests. Whether they’re lounging on a stylish recliner or drying off after a morning swim, be sure their experience is complemented by a quality pool towel. To help you stock up and stay ready, Rekhas House of Cotton offers competitive prices on our most popular collections. Rekhas House of Cotton is India’s Leading Manufacturer of all bed & bath linen wherein one can get bath towels, face towels, bathrobes, mats, rugs, and all kinds of Bed & Bath Linen of good quality at great prices.

Comfort & Care

Our own Registry® Cabana Striped Pool Towel collection aims to delight guests and deliver value. Its unique production process is designed to prevent fading and keep colors vibrant. Supported by 100% Ring Spun cotton, these Registry options blend softness and absorbency and are ready to ship, for less.

Design and Durability

Double Colour-Sided Pool Towels from our revolutionized Mills are known for their design and durability. In fact, while it may be tempting to stay away from colored or designed towels because of their tendency to fade, Rekhas House of Cotton’s Pool towels are made with a patented color technology producing stable colors that don’t fade or bleed. Their color holds up to harsh chemicals and sunlight, making them the ideal poolside companion, Spread positive pool vibes near your pool side from Rekhas House of Coton

Style and Substance

We also offer soft, durable pool towels, Made of 100% cotton, each Pool towel is crisp and clean – and two options feature a nautical blue stripe that adds a touch of style. Plus, your staff can launder frequently without worrying about wear and tear.

Be sure your guests can wrap up in cozy warmth after a long day in the sun. With competitive prices and a colorful assortment, now’s the time to get your order in.

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