Pool Towels for your pool vibes in Maldives from Rekhas

Pool Towels in Maldives from Rekhas House of Cotton - Leading Suppliers of bed & Bath Linen

Rekhas Pool Towels are known for their softness and the ability to absorb 3X more water as compared to regular cotton towels, Now Grab your Pool towels in Maldives from Rekhas House of Cotton and enjoy. Rekhas house of Cotton Pvt. Ltd. Is India’s leading manufacturer of Towels, Bedsheets, Duvets, Pillows, Bath mats, Blankets, Pillow covers, Duvet covers and all Bed and Bath Linen products. Get in touch with us today for any enquiries. Simply DM us.

Pool towels are exposed to a wide range of substances and liquids like sand, salt water, chlorine, sunscreen, sweat, and grass.  Sand can get caught in the pool towels, and grass and other liquids like spilled drinks can cause stains.  That is why the pool towel laundering process is so important. This blog will explain the proper steps to launder pool towels and the impact chlorine can have on the quality and durability of them. The following is a list of steps to properly wash pool towels.


How to Properly take care of your Pool Towels

Check for Stains before Drying: Do not forget to check the beach towels for any lingering stains before putting them in the dryer. Some common stains can include stains from sunscreen, other types of tanning oils, and spills.  InnStyle offers an effective stain remover called 1000+ Stain Remover.  It is effective at removing stains from linens and other areas such as on hallway floors, carpets, and patio furniture.  Once any stains are removed, the pool towels can be placed in a dryer, or they can dry outside on a clothesline.

Sort by Material and Color: Make sure to sort beach towels based on their material design as some towels can be made from cotton and others designed with microfiber. These towels have tags with washing instructions. Also, sort the towels by their color, whether they are light or dark, to avoid color disfiguration. Other towels and linens of similar color and texture can be added to the laundry cycle with the pool towels if the load isn’t large enough.

Shake Out Pool Towel: It is important to shake out beach towels first. Sand and other particles can get caught in the towel.  It is recommended to wait for the towel to dry first so the particles won’t stick to the wet towel.  Also, an excess amount of sand stuck in pool towels could cause damage to the washing machine.

Wash on Normal Cycle: Pool towels often have chlorine or other fluids on them after being used, so it is essential that they are washed on a regular cycle compared to a gentler cycle. These pool towels will need time to soak in the soap to fully remove the chemicals like chlorine.  Powerful detergents like Tide are strong enough to fully remove sand particles, chemicals, etc. The use of chlorine bleach is not recommended as this can cause discoloration and fading in the fabric.

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