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Pillows can age in various ways, including losing their shape and support, accumulating dirt and allergens, developing unpleasant odors, and experiencing wear and tear of the cover and filling. Over time, the filling may break down and compress, making the pillow less comfortable and supportive. Additionally, exposure to moisture, oils, and body fluids can cause the pillow to deteriorate more quickly, and even become yellow. Regular cleaning and replacement of pillows can help prolong their lifespan and ensure a comfortable sleeping experience. Despite receiving the best care, however, there comes a time when you have to replace your pillows as there are several old pillow disadvantages. While throwing the old pillows away may be the most obvious thing to do for most people, there are many other ways to dispose them. One Can get the best quality Pillows at cheap & affordable prices in Chennai from Rekhas House of Cotton.

What is the best time to Replace your Pillows?

There is no hard and fast rule of when to replace your pillow, as it depends on its condition. If the pillow is more than 1–2 years old, has lost its shape, support, or fluffiness, and is no longer providing you with a comfortable and restful sleep, it may be time to replace it. Also, if the pillow is stained or turning yellow, torn, or has an unpleasant odor, it may be a sign that it needs to be replaced. Additionally, if you are experiencing allergies or respiratory problems, it may be the impact of your old pillow, and replacing it with a new, hypoallergenic pillow may be a good idea. In general, it’s a good idea to replace your pillow every 1–2 years, depending on how often you use it and its condition.

Should I throw away my old pillow?

When looking to buy a new pillow, throwing the old one into the garbage should be the last option. Given the materials that are used to make pillows, which can resist decomposition such as polyester, they can last months or years in a landfill without breaking down. There are a number of environmentally friendly ways to get rid of your old pillow.

Buy the best sleeping pillow

When replacing your old pillow, make sure you buy the best sleeping pillow for comfortable experience. Rekhas House of Cotton offers premium quality sleeping pillows deliver the ultimate in comfort and support. Browse through available Rekhas House of Cottons pillows for sleeping in India to find one that meets your sleep requirements, or discuss with one of our experts to get the best advice. Order the best pillows in India or call +917875999993 or WhatsApp us at +917875999993. You can also email

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